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I’d love to hear from you—really, really—one human to another.

Email me with questions, worries, and joys and I’ll respond, heart-to-heart, whenever possible.

Please note:

Your name will remain anonymous to my readers (always), but you are emailing with the understanding that your question may be shared as a public post on this site, along with circulation on social media platforms.

I will always offer my opinion to the best of my ability, but these conversations are not to be considered a substitute for professional help if such help is required. With that in mind, if I feel a question or concern is out of the scope of my own human experience, I will not jeopardize the trust you’ve placed in me by faking my way through a response. I respect you far too much for that 🖤

Finally, while I wish I could immediately respond to every email that’s sent to me, it’s just not possible. Oftentimes, I receive multiple emails that revolve around a single theme. In those situations, I’ll select the question I feel best embodies the group and respond to that one, specifically.

So look for the connections, always. Our human experiences parallel in extraordinary ways and we can learn so much from listening to one another.

Remember: we’re all in this together.

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