3 thoughts on “contact.

  1. david brown says:

    I want to ty for the insight into libra female. I believe your right on target. Any links or web sites or books you could recomend to an aries male would be greatly appreciated. My hats off to you!


  2. Maddie says:

    I just read how to love a libra… And I just want to say thank you for such enlightening. Every single point was exactly true to how I view myself and the world. I cry, I over analyze, I crave affection and words of affirmation, I love to be around the people that I love, but can always enjoy a movie night in. Line by line I giggled when I realized the similarities, and I took a moment to think about how I am in a relationship and treat my significant others/family/friends. It was beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you so much


    1. saracrolick says:

      Hi Maddie, thank you (thank you, thank you). I’ve met such a beautiful sisterhood through that piece and each person has touched me in their own way. Thank you for taking time out of your day to shower me with kind words–from the bottom of my heart, it matters. Sending you huge love!


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