About This Site

I believe the greatest struggles we face on this earth come from barriers, often self-imposed, to connection.

We need to be seen and heard.

We need others who ‘get it’—people who can validate our own weird, human experience.

Because without raising our voices to an audible level, without finding a person who can nod in affirmation and say, “I hear you, let’s explore this together,” we forfeit precious opportunities to grow and heal.

My name is Sara.

I’m a writer and a still-learning human.

I started writing as a way to understand my role in this world from a pretty tender age and quickly realized it was the most powerful, effective tool I had to connect with the people in my life. For all the clumsy, ineloquent attempts I’d had of verbalizing my truth, I found writing provided me the opportunity to be seen and heard in deep, validating ways.

When I started writing in a more public way, I learned there were people out there for me. My people—people who understood me, who understood my heart, all because there was something in these words that bridged a previous gap.

Strangers from all over the world messaged me. Some write to offer gratitude for things I had written, to relate similar stories of pain or triumph, and (more often than I expected) to ask for my opinion about a personal hardship they were facing. They reached out because I was another person on the other side of the screen, showing a little vulnerability in a world that’s so eager to make us feel guarded.

I discovered there was a void I could fill from a little desk in the corner of my house. And there’s magic in that, don’t you think?

With that magic in mind, I thought a great deal about my/your/our inherent yearning to connect and created a safe, public space to do just that.

You have my heart and attention here, and I thank you for trusting me.

This site is dedicated to all the conversations I’ve been blessed enough to have in this lifetime and in lifetimes passed, the conversations that are still works in forever-progress, and all the conversing yet to come.

This site is dedicated to you.


To start your own conversation: hello@conversationswithahumanheart.com