heartsss1.jpgSara Crolick is whiskey in a teacup. 

She loves elephants, vegetables, vintage typewriters, Audrey Hepburn and the written word, but not necessarily in that order. 

She raises two inspiring boys with her mister, who is a bona fide music-maker; this works out nicely, as she happens to also love music.

16 thoughts on “the human.

  1. Colleen McGee says:

    Beautiful. Real. Amazing. I can’t express how much this tears me apart. Mixed emotions…on one hand, it is so wonderful to be able to read such beautiful words conveying the pain I deal with daily. On the other hand, however, it pains me deeply to know the author is experiencing the same agony.


  2. Julie Stinson says:

    I just read your piece called “This is How to Love a Leo” and sobbed for 10 minutes. I’ve read countless descriptions of Leo that held only faint agreement from my soul. Every word of yours was a revelation of what I’ve already known but have been too tamed to remember. You are a beautiful soul! I feel poetry clawing within my heart again thanks to you picking up that bruised, red, heart apple that fell to feed so many. I so look forward to reading more! Thank you.


    1. Julie Stinson says:

      Whoops! I made a mistake! Yippee!! I see now that you didn’t write “This is How to Love a Leo”. And it doesn’t matter because what I read on your blog resonates so deeply with me. That article is what brought me here and I’m so grateful for that!


      1. saracrolick says:

        You are the kindest, Julie.
        “This is How to Love a Leo” was written by one of my dearest friends on this little planet, so I’ll be sure to direct her to your first comment.
        Big, big love to you!! Thank you for being here!! xo


  3. Anna P says:

    Just found your blog through random reading silly articles online- WOW! I love your writing, so inspiring and free of that emo negativity that so many of us are lured into writing with! Thanks for sharing your work!


    1. saracrolick says:

      Anna!! You’re incredible and your words made my heart sing (especially the “free of that emo negativity” bit). sending you huge love. thank you for reading, and please don’t be a stranger! xo


  4. Jenn says:


    Your words flow like they were an extension of my brain and its incessant, stream-of-consciousness thoughts. You made me feel ‘normal’.

    Thank you very much and Please Keep Writing!!



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